Sunday, 27 June 2010


To set the scene:
It's the football world cup, Switzerland is taking on Chilli and, living in Switzerland, it would be rude not to show our support. Hence we sneak out of work early and eventually find a suitable place to watch the game (which is quite an achievement considering everyone else in town is trying to do the same thing). Tension is mounting, Swiss are uttering several strange words in quick succession which we can safely assume should be x-rated so the only thing left to do is order a beer and cross our fingers. SEVERAL beers later the Swiss are a tad unhappy, but we are strangely enough feeling a rather pleasant buzz. After the game we go for dinner where we continue working on said buzz with a bottle of wine (or two) and it's at this point that we set off to see a Chris Isaak concert. So, considering the buzz, a lame warm-up band and a camera at hand what were we to do....?

PS And yes - the concert was fabulous

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