Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Wordless Wednesday: Canned

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Monday, 26 January 2009

Camera Club Aggression

Ok. This time I'm doing it the other way round. It normally works like this:

1) I submit 2 measly pics to monthly photography club full of bravado and the hope that this time round they would not be shot down before even taking off
2) I go to club meeting and listen in despair at how they absolutely did not get what I was trying to do
3) I go home and whilst drinking half a bottle of vodka bemoan my lot in life on blog and with other half
4) Decide pics were horrid and vow never to look at them again and refuse to put them on blog

So today it's working like this:
1) Post entries for monthly camera club on blog PRIOR to poxy meeting
2) Go to meeting with big "WHATEVA" expression
3) Come home and drink wine with other half while perusing other people's lovely blogs

These were taken in the most beautiful Etosha reserve in the ever fantastic Namibia.

Footloose and fancy free

Sunday, 25 January 2009


It is Sunday, again, already. I'm bored with seven days now. I vote we introduce a new day to brighten up the week. The seven we have is getting a bit drab and overworked. Just not sure what to call it.


Looking at that lot I don't see much of a pattern except for Sat which could possibly be derived from Saturn which would tie in with the Sun so we could make it Moonday, but that sounds too much like Monday.

Random as always. Other half is at work and left to my own devices on a Sunday evening I tend to go loopy. I think it's symptomatic of a combination of flu-drugs, being cooped up in the flat all weekend, serious lack of intelligent life forms (not that I would necessarily qualify for that category right now), nothing but white when you look out the window and particularly bad TV.

So here's a shoe. Hope it fits.

Saturday, 24 January 2009

It's the small things in life...

Apparently this vicious man-flu is not gender biased and must have decided that I didn't have sufficient sympathy for the other half as it jumped ship and invaded me instead. It is now day 3 and I have almost regained the use of my taste buds in which case I might also be able to taste that the tomato sauce is off before liberally applying it to other half's pasta.

My sister's latest post about Emma was enough to make me crawl even deeper under the covers with depression, but this just reminded me that I have a pile of washing once I summon up the energy to take the sheets off so decided to blog instead. When we went to visit them over Dec almost 90% of our luggage allowance was taken up by presents for far and wide with the biggest for Emma (Joubert had that privilege the last visit), but may I ask why we bother when hanging your shirt in a tree and bashing it down with a stick (and the help of grandpa) repeatedly is the most fun I saw her have all holiday? Although I daresay should I arrive next time with a shirt and stick wrapped up she might not be jumping for joy.

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Wordless Wednesday: Computer says NO

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Monday, 19 January 2009

Manflu and Namibia - all in a day's work

Well, been back at work for two and half weeks now and just booked the next holiday. Feel better already.

The other half is lying on the couch trying very hard not to die - not sure if it's the man-flu or some other equally life threatening affliction, but I do feel sorry for the poor thing. He very seldom gets sick and when he does teeter on the verge of death like this he does look very cute in a drugged up sort of way. But I have to admit that I myself almost perished while in Namibia as my stomach decided that it and it's contents were no longer content with me as host. This slight disagreement lasted till about 4am and I daresay other half was prize winningly patient. So all is fair.

This then are a couple of shots from Namibia which knocked my socks of (Namibia that is and not my pictures). I've only ever been to Windhoek before which is rather dire and not particularly awe inspiring and I was so not interested in seeing the rest. MY was I wrong. The place is SPECTACULAR. I could not believe how diverse, how incredible, how indescribably beautiful the place is. This will never do it justice, but it's a couple of my favorites until I have more time once the patient is out of ICU.

Sunday, 18 January 2009

The B is back

Well, it certainly has been a while but before I start making excuses lets just say I needed a break and leave it at that. It's a new year and all so not being one to make new years resolutions (partly because I struggle to remember them once the champagne wears off) I have promised myself to spend more time doing what I love this year.

This is not a hugely extensive list and most things I love I already do in excess (such as eating pasta, sleeping late and trying to keep the wine rack topped up), but I had been neglecting my happy snapping terribly of late so I'm thinking nine is my lucky number.

I spent close to 4 glorious weeks in Namibia and then SA with family and that has left me with with ample supply of fodder for the foreseeable future but also inevitably the blues as I would have loved nothing more than to have that silly plane fly back without me.

So without further ado these are pics of my cousin. Odd choice for the new year you might be thinking but let me explain:

a) she got married yesterday in SA
b) she and her now husband had a reception in Oxford, UK last weekend
c) she has been very much on my mind as I wish I could have been there with the rest of the fandamily

Kinda makes sense... Anyhows, me attempting to capture a nervous, fiddly bride was the most petrifying thing I have done this year and gave me new respect for wedding photographers. Thank goodness my other half was able to nip out and get some bubbly else I never would have gotten rid of the shakes and considerably more of my photographs might have been outrageously blurred.

This then is a selection of my favorites and maybe an early indication that wedding photography is not my true calling.

Glad to be back and happy new year to all and sundry