Monday, 10 November 2008

Me Mate

This weekend I went to London to visit one of my oldest and dearest friends. We have been through many an up, a down and a hangover together. She got married early last year and is now just over 3 months with her first purple one (we don't know if it's pink or blue hence we have to settle for purple) and it gave me such a kick to see her so happy.

It's at times like this that I realise why it makes sense to stop worrying about the little things and just live life whichever way it attacks you. So this obviously are 2 pics I took of her while she was beautifying herself before the wedding.

Monday, 3 November 2008

A Room With A View

So this was the view out of our bedroom window Wednesday last week. Huge was our excitement and scramble to try and sort out snowboards, ski's and other torturous apparatus but alas, today we are back to green. Not that I'm complaining as we probably won't see green for many months, but the first snow of the season always gives me such a thrill. And there's nothing quite as nice as waking up and hearing the quiet, because there's no quiet such as the one that covers a landscape being duvet'd by several layers of softly falling snow.

So tonight I will not be doing the rain dance or the break dance, but instead I'll be running around outside in the probably close to zero temperatures, duly fortified with some wine dance trying to coax some random white flakes from the depressingly cloudless sky.

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Green Fingers

To be honest plants and animals aren't exactly my forte, but today I was dragged to our local botanical gardens so what is a girl to do but make the most of an otherwise dull afternoon?

I was feeling a tad apprehensive entering as just yesterday I threw out my latest attempt at household planting, but was much releived when I found Audrey II was not in attendance.

I was well pleased with the results considering it only took me about 487 shots to get these, but I am still not a converted botanist. However I made the afternoon without inadvertently committing mass plant murder so there's hope for me yet.

Saturday, 1 November 2008

Proving a Point

I think my last post inadvertently rekindled my lazy other half and I had no choice, but to submit to my slovenly self and shirk all blogging guilt.

I can also argue that I was practicing for December when I will probably be off-line for about 3 weeks due to holidays and had to test whether I would suffer separation anxiety.

The ongoing banking crisis also has to be given it's due for it's part although the other half seems to think we are in the pound position as all we have to lose is the delight of paying off our credit card.

But if I have to be honest it probably boils down to the other half recently starting a part-time job which has wreaked havoc on my carefully cultivated weekly schedule. I am a creature of habit and do not entertain change without a fair amount of huffing and puffing, but this was not a change, it was a historic upheaval the sorts of which I had not experienced since 2004 when "Sideways" was released and very publicly ridiculed my plonk of choice: merlot.

All excuses aside I was threatened with imminent blog closure by my dear sister if things did not happen pretty smartly so here I am. In the pub trying to coax merlot out of the corner.