Sunday, 31 August 2008

Sunday bloody Sunday

Ok, this is stressing me out now. This blog is MINE not so? Then why do I feel this mountain of pressure on me if I don't have another award winning (yes I have a slightly warped imagination) photo waiting in the wings to make it's grand entrance? So even though I technically had Thursday off being out and about and shirking me blogging duties I decided Sunday is just random day. Whatever happens, happens.

Today nothing of historical notability has occurred yet save me spending most of the morning in bed finishing my book and switching on the dishwasher (wanted more coffee but aoh (adorable other half for those of you not familiar with the lingo) pointed out the rather distressing fact that we are fresh out of clean coffee cups). I suspect part of the book finishing marathon was a weak attempt on my behalf to avoid impending blogging duties. Was MUCH relieved as I had just about resigned myself to imprisonment under duvet all day when it dawned on me that I am, contrary to popular belief, the ruler of this here space.

So as ruler I declare today list day, but unlike other dull and overcomplicated kingdoms, in this here place lists are not to-dos, they are not-to-dos.

So here's my not-to-do list for today:
1) Don't do poxy tax return (whoever came up with that ludicrous idea anyway?)
2) Don't water plants as I'll forget again sooner or later so why postpone their impending death.
3) Don't attempt to restore order to war-ravaged flat as there's surely another war to be fought today, if not on the couch then most certainly in the kitchen where a soon-to-be-roasted chicken is awaiting its fate next to a bowl of suspicious looking red juice which was supposed to have been turned into jam many weeks ago (aoh's attempt at impersonating Nigella Lawson)
4) Don't start dreaded task of saving all photographs onto disc even though long suffering hard drive has been on life support for several months now.

It's amazing how cathartic that job was. I feel liberated. All I need to do now is convince aoh that drinking your first glass of wine at 11 in the morning is not a sure sign of alcoholism. Alas, just as I was feeling better about life in general the sun has decided to follow suit and also take the day off. This is particularly distressing as convincing oah to take a dip in the lake is about as easy as catching mosquitoes in the dead of the night (which I failed at miserably again last night and might explain the horn growing on my forehead), but as the sun was at it's best behavior this morning he agreed to a quick one late afternoon. Even more reason to indulge in pre-decent-hour-to-have-tipple glass of vino.

On that note do yourself a favor and invest in a copy of Elbow's CD: The Seldom Seen Kid. I was just as dubious as you undoubtedly are now, but it only took 2 songs to convert me. Sent a copy to my sister, but as she probably hasn't received it yet being subjected to the incredibly efficient system with is the South African Postal Service she cant back me up just yet so just take the plunge and thank me later.

Now the question is just do I feel like white or red???

Saturday, 30 August 2008

Photohunt no 125: Beautiful

So how exactly does this qualify as being beautiful? Please permit me to explain. My most lovable other half has been smoking ever since he thought he was an adult without so much as a thought to the consequences being invincible and all...

This was until he met me and I politely objected to the fact the he had monstrous coughing fits most mornings, but being a social smoker myself I did not have much of a foot to stand on in terms of demanding an immediate halt to all things that had to be set on fire before they were of any use or relief.

So yes, it has been an uphill battle, but after finding some miracle drug which helps you quit he has been "clean" for almost 4 months. So this brings me back to my picture:

Isn't is just BEAUTIFUL that after giving up smoking for four whole months there he sits in the garden today smoking a cigar of all things???

Friday, 29 August 2008

Photostory Friday: The Painter

The painter is a series I did last year when I shadowed some workers renovating a house. I actually meant to document my friend who was the plastered, but was so taken by this painter who was the loveliest chap. However he had a livid red birthmark on one half of his face which made him quite camera shy and I couldn't help but try and capture him the way I saw him without drawing attention to the one feature most people wont be able to see beyond.

PhotoStory Friday

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Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Airport Boredom

My journey to work starts with me taking the bus down the hill which connects with a train to the airport and then another quick bus from there to work. Being Swiss they are ever efficient and everything is timed down to the last second. So much so that if your train is 30 seconds late you will miss your connecting bus. Having Lazy as my middle name it is against my nature to run for the bus with the result that I happen to miss the bus on the odd occasion and have to hang around the airport trying desperately not to buy a last minute ticket to Timbuktu and going awol.

As you can guess it was one of those mornings, but at least I had plenty of fodder to feed the camera and keep myself happy. Almost too happy though as I almost missed the next bus as well!

So here is my attempt to capture the going ons in an airport on a slow Tuesday morning.

Newspaper man was particularly annoyed with me and kept giving me the evil eye. Finally I worked up the courage to surreptitiously aim the camera in his direction thinking he's far too engrossed in the news to notice me, but at the very last second he looked up and I made a very hasty exit trying to hide my ferocious blushing. Mental note to take zoom lens next time...

Monday, 25 August 2008

Lazy Sunday Hangover Monday

I've done it again - succumbed to a marathon Sunday afternoon snooze session. The result? A very sleepless Sunday night and a VERY tired Monday. So having barely dragged myself through the day the mere idea of picking up a camera was enough to make me pour myself another whiskey. So hiding behind the excuse that I'm still technically "warming up" I thought I'd post some more oldies although, seeing as they're only 2 weeks old, they qualify as "almost matured".

Once a year in Zurich they have a street parade which is part an attempt to increase the deaf in town and part an opportunity for the weird and wonderful to creep out from under their various rocks. Having armed myself with an ample supply of ear-plugs to combat the awe-inspiring rave/techno/house music being blasted from every direction I went forth and tried to keep my jaw from dragging on the pavement with amazement. So this is my 6 favourites in no particular order although I do love the one of the scantily clad lady with about every man in the frame looking at her

Right, now I'm off to the couch for some much needed potatoing.

Sunday, 24 August 2008

a Blog is Born!

I have been promising my sister for weeks now that I will follow in her footsteps (although my feet are much bigger and clumsier) and start this blog so finally, after 7 weeks of relatives, friends and imprompto parties, we have the flat to ourselves and I have a whole lazy Sunday to try and conquer my fear of all things PC related. So to ease my way into it I thought I might start by posting some of my favourite pictures.

"The Sleeper" is of my other half. He used to manage a restaurant and in the process tried to work himself to death. I have never met anyone who can sleep like the dead and look so utterly content doing it. Terrible quality, but it's the complete bliss of it that I love.

I can live without many things, but take away my books and I will be lost. This one was at a market in London, but I only just barely restrained myself from buying the lot.

The very sheepish sheep speaks for himself. If you had gangs in the sheep world he would definitely be the most fearless ringleader...

The shoes I just like. Full stop.

And the last two are my all time favourite models: my sister's adorable kids. I think they're going to start dreading my visits soon as I hardly kiss them before I pull out my camera to start hounding them day in and out, but with faces like that who can resist?

Hopefully I'll be able to do the daily thing, but unfortunately laziness is one of the qualities I have buffed and shined to perfection over the years, but there's no harm in trying!